Skull & Rose

Another tattoo inspired painting! The crackle really crackled well on this one.

Illustration Friday: Monster

I want to try experimenting with more textures. I used a wood grain for this little guy.


Updated Website

I spent all day yesterday redoing my website. There were all kinds of weird files and pages on there that I don't even remember creating! Maybe my website started spontaneously generating it's own content. My new design is much cleaner and hopefully easier to navigate.


Boston Terrier

Hurray for Boston Terrier! I've been refining my technique for these retro look paintings and I think I'm getting it down now. Today I tried a coat of clear matte finish which comes out much better than the gloss.


Skull & Top Hat

I've been painting like crazy this week. My newest piece is inspired by a tattoo design I found in a book. I've been watching Miami Ink on the Learning Channel so I think I'll be doing more tattoo inspired stuff.


Good Coffee

Another coffee painting.

Fine Wines & Liquors

A new painting based on a vintage matchbook ad.

Free coffee today at Starbucks! You can get a free tall until noon. Luckily I have two Starbucks coffee shops in the same parking lot near my house. Hurry up you have less than an hour!



RIP Zeppelin

Zeppelin was born at my Grandma's house. My mom adopted him and he lived with her for awhile. When he was about 9 or 10 years old he came to live with me. Yesterday I had to put my loyal cat friend to sleep because of renal failure, he was 16 1/2 years old. I miss him terribly.


Somtimes I just feel like painting something cute. Like this purple deer for example.



Another new painting today! It's been gloomy outside so I decided to hang out in my studio and paint. Now I am going to watch The Oscars and eat Orange Creamsicles.


New Workbench

I've wanted a workbench that I could stand at for a while now. It was killing my back stooping over my table to work on my block prints. The problem was I couldn't afford anything, until I got the bright idea to use cinder blocks under the legs of my old table! For a mere $7.00 I finally have my workbench. Why didn't I think of this sooner?


The Hottest Spot in Town

I finally printed my latest linocut. That devil is quite scary.


I really liked the techniques I used yesterday so I did the same kind of thing today. I just love these paintings.



I decided to paint today and created this cool coffee piece. I was going for a weathered folk art type look. I used some crackle medium and then antiqued It. I'm really happy with how it turned out!