Remington Final

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Photo Friday: Circle

Photo Friday - Circle
Photo Friday Theme: Circle

Remington Prints Completed

Remington Prints Complete
Remington prints completed! Here they are drying on my makeshift drying racks. I ended up with 29 of them. I usually try for an edition of 32 but I'm still getting used to printing with a press. I'm learning how to adjust the tension of the rollers. What I've found is that if printing large, solid areas it's best to set the press tighter. If printing something with more detail loosening the tension is better, otherwise you get blurred lines.

Remington Linocut

Remington Linocut
I carved the final block for my Remington linocut this morning. This print will have three colors created by two different blocks. I used the first block for the background. The second block was first used for the base color of the gun and now that I've carved it further it will be used for the gun detail.


Finally, a Printing Press!

Printing Press & Prints
After spending all these years doing all of my prints by hand, I finally bought myself a printing press. I don't have very much money but I found this little etching press for just $159.00. After a few simple modifications it works great! I'm working on a three color linocut of an 1875 Remington Revolver. It's been nice to be able to design something without thinking about the trouble and time of printing it by hand. This press is really the best thing I've ever purchased for my printmaking!