Observational Drawing

I've decided to improve my observational drawing skills by drawing objects I find while out and about. Today I found an interesting feather to draw.

Unfortunately, Miss Audrey had other ideas for the feather.


Virgin of Guadalupe Painting - In Progress

Still working on it. I've got her face, cloak and half the blue background finished now.


Stratocaster Journal

No matter how many different guitars I've played I always go back to my trusty Strat. Here's a little pop art design I made in honor of my favorite guitar.


Hot Chocolate Can to Soil Scoop

I needed a scoop for potting soil and a recycled hot chocolate can did just the trick! I used my dremel to cut it and pop rivets to secure the handle. It works nicely!


CD Holder Turned Windowsill Planter

I attached some drawer pulls to the old oak CD holder and now I have a pretty cool windowsill planter for my succulents.


Assemblage work - The Floor

I've been working on a new assemblage piece called Ghost Cube. I wanted a creepy tiled floor complete with a dirty drain cover. The tiles are made out of polymer clay which I affixed to a piece of wood using tub caulking. I grouted the tiles with the caulk as well. Then I attached a drain cover I bought from Home Depot that I scuffed up and tried to make look old and yucky. After everything dried I started in with plenty of acrylic paint washes over the whole thing. It measures about 3 x 5 inches and is all set to be installed!


Cool New Skull & Crossbones Monograms

Skull Monograms from A to Z! Check them out on a variety of products including T-shirts, stickers, iPhone cases, mugs and more.