Worn Out Jeans? Make a Rag Quilt!

I recently went through my closet to clear out some old clothes. Some were in good shape so I donated them, but some of the jeans & cords were worn out complete with holes in the knees. I made them into a comfy rag quilt! There are lots of directions for making rag quilts all you need to do is a quick google search. I do have a few tips: get some good rag quilt shears otherwise you will hate yourself for ever starting this project. Another tip is stay by your dryer when you do the first wash and empty the lint trap every few minutes. You'll be surprised how much comes off while everything is fraying! For this particular quilt I used fleece for the backing, it's super warm and cozy!


The Bread Baker's Apprentice - Anadama Bread

I've decided to learn how to properly bake bread so I checked out a copy of "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" from the library. There is so much information in this book that recipes (called formulas in the book) don't even start until page 103! Today I made Anadama Bread which has cornmeal and molasses in it. The recipe made three 1 pound loaves so I baked one, put one in the refrigerator to bake in a few days and froze one. I'm really curious to see how the frozen dough works out. It would be nice to have a few different kinds of bread ready to go in the freezer!