Here's my new office and studio space! This is much better than a walk in closet. Things are still pretty chaotic and we've encountered a few problems already. The garbage disposal doesn't work and the phone jack in my office doesn't work. I need that jack for DSL! I have a really long cable running down the hall and into the kitchen right now as a work-around. Back to unpacking!

We got most of our stuff moved in on Wednesday. Zeppelin really enjoys his new view from the balcony!


The big moving day is tomorrow! Zeppelin the cat decided he had enough of all the chaos and has taken to hiding in empty cupboards.


We've been dumpster diving for packing boxes every few days. It's been kinda fun. Besides boxes I've found cookbooks, a set of encyclopedias and some nice ceramic tiles. This morning we went out to find boxes so we can start packing up the kitchen.


I packed most of my office today. Yes, my "office" is very small. That's because it's a closet. At the new place I actually get a room! I can finally set up a studio and my poor boyfriend can eat at the dining room table. Yes!

The packing is coming along, but I'm worried about my paintings. I can't find boxes big enough for them and I really don't want to put them in the back of a moving truck unprotected. Today I will start packing up my art supplies.


We had to take these two kitties to the Humane Society today so they could be adopted. We have a terrible feral cat problem at the apartment complex we're currently living at so we thought we could at least help these two little guys. We had them spayed/neutered and they received all of their shots. Since moving day is only six days away it was time for them to go find their new families. I knew we were just fostering them when we first took them in, but I'm still so sad to see them go!

This is an area called Capitola Village which has lots of restaurants, art galleries and shopping. I just love the colors of the little beach houses here.

On June 1st I'll be moving to Capitola! Here's a picture of Capitola Beach taken from the wharf. I look forward to doing some fishing here.




We went to the Boardwalk and hung out in a pirate themed miniature golf course.

There's always flowers on the surfer statue in Santa Cruz.


Night Trees

Here's a grouping of headstones with an eerie orange glow behind them coming from some street lights. The cemetery is next door to a Taco Bell so while I was trying to take creepy pictures I could hear people ordering burritos at the drive through.

I went to the Centerville Pioneer Cemetery last night to take some shots for this week's Photo Friday Challenge: Ghostly.


Here's an interesting photo I found in the park across the street from my apartment.