Oven Dried Tomatoes

Whenever I can get tomatoes for under 50 cents a pound I always grab a few pounds to dry in the oven. I love to use them in pasta dishes or on a pizza. Yesterday I started out with 3.12 pounds of Roma Tomatoes.

I popped them in a 170 degree oven for 21 hours and ended up with 6 oz. of dried tomatoes. I think money wise I end up breaking even, but at least I know my tomatoes are fresh!


Om Nom Nom Nom

Sometimes paint looks scrumptious to me, which is probably unhealthy.


Attack of the Schnauzers!

Introducing Schnauzers! I just love these little guys, they look like they have mustaches.
Click here for prints!


Skateboard Decks

I found some old skateboard decks in the trash and dragged them home. They've been primed and are in the process of being painted!