How to Make a Sock Monkey Tutorial

Making a sock monkey is pretty easy! All you need are a pair of Rockford Red Heel socks, needle & thread, and some stuffing. Some people embroider on the eyes and add eyelashes, but I decided to go with button eyes since it's easier.

The first step is to turn one sock inside out. Next sew a seam on both sides of the center of the sock starting a few inches from the white heel and across the end of the sock, rounding out the feet. Cut in between the seams and turn the sock right side out. Use the opening left in the crotch to stuff the legs, body and head. I had trouble getting the stuffing into the legs so I used a chop stick. Finish up by sewing the crotch opening closed.

The second sock is used to create the ears, mouth, tail and arms. For the arms cut the upper part of the sock into two pieces lengthwise. Seam, rounding the ends and stuff. For the mouth cut the heel from the sock leaving a brown edge around the white. Fasten on the lower part of the face, stuff and finish sewing around the top. You can sew a stitch of either black or white across the lips, but I left mine plain.

Next, sew on the ears and add the eyes. I thought the button eyes looked really cute, but embroidering them on with black thread works too. If this monkey is being created for a toddler or baby it's probably best to embroider them so there won't be a choking hazard. After completing the face sew on the arms.

The very last step is the tail. Using the one inch strip cut from the second sock, taper to end of cuff, seam and stuff. Then you just need to sew it on his butt! The cap is optional and some people use the toe of an additional sock leaving 1/2 inch of brown to roll for a brim. I was lucky enough to get a cool red knitted cap. You can also add a jacket, vest, skirt or anything else you think would look good on your monkey. That's it!

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